How to choose articles wisely in academic essay writing

In academic essay writing, one of the grammatical errors is use of wrong article at wrong place. While the confusion between “a” and “an” is common mistake, unnecessary “the” is also another issue. Here, you will learn to use indefinite and definite article. We all know academic essay writing is a tough part of curricular, but with this tips, it will be clear how to use articles properly.

Use of Indefinite Article “a”

Place it before first letter of word that is consonant.

Example: a ball, a coffee cup

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Top four Grammar Hacks to Avoid in English Essay Writing

Grammar is the most important factor while attempting English essay writing. In addition, if there are number of errors, it costs the twenty percent of original grade. Thus, we present top four grammar hacks you can avoid.
Hack No. 1: Use of passive voice in the sentence.
The passive voice in a sentence steals the clarity and meaning. Therefore, in English essay writing avoid passive voice and replace with “active voice.”
Passive voice: Shawn was taken to the hospital by his neighbors.

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What are the benefits of our professional writing services to you as a student?

We all know that as a student you have a constant pressure to manage classes, part-time work, and other extra-curricular activities. At the same time, writing your assignments can be a tough task while completing 10 different things. For this reason, several students opt out for writing services from all over the world. Unfortunately, not all of them are succeeded with such professional help due to multiple issues. Therefore, here you will realize we give one hundred percent results with an apt and professional paper, as you demand in the beginning.

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How do you cite sources such as videos, audio files, email, or personal interviews in MLA format?

You know what MLA format is and how it works. Usually, you cite the sources such as a website, book, or an article while doing an assignment. However, sometimes an instructor asks to cite the resources, which are out of the box. Now, what exactly happens to you?

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Sample Essay on the topic “Computer Virus"

We understand your dilemma whether to choose us for a custom-made paper will be taking or not. Therefore, we are providing a sample essay on one of the common topics. This essay sample follows the five-paragraph format and explains the topic completely. Today our sample topic is “Computer Virus” that will follow the above five-paragraph pattern, and the type of essay will be informative here.

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How can you write an outstanding Compare Contrast Essay?

Are you having any problem with English Composition? If yes, then in this section today, I will be covering a very primary type of essay. Generally, there are several types of essay assignments allotted to you. However, in English composition “Compare and Contrast Essay” is asked very frequently.

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How to order your assignment online

Sometimes you just do not have enough time to do homework on your own. What if you have other important things to do?
There are students who simply cannot afford to study every day.
Whatever your reasons not to accomplish your homework might be — you combine studies with a part-time job, have serious problems to solve in personal life, or have any other possible excuse — there is nothing wrong in seeking help from professionals.

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