What is a thesis statement, how to write it for an essay or paper?

What is a thesis statement, how to write it for an essay or paper?

  1. What is a thesis statement, how to write it for an essay or paper?

Whenever you are assigned an essay or research paper the instructor often asks you to present a thesis statement. If you are new to this thesis statement then, I will explain you a very simple way to form a good and arguable thesis statement.

Let us understand what a thesis statement is, and how can you write it:

What is thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a one-line sentence that expresses the overall idea of a paper. Furthermore, it is added as the last line in the first introductory paragraph of the paper.

There are some points that should be kept in mind while writing a thesis statement.

  • A thesis is not an argument but a sentence that clarifies your main idea for argument.
  • A thesis not only expresses your argument but also how will you prove that argument should also be disclosed in that thesis.
  • Do not use words like “I will explain in this paper,” or “In this paper, I will describe” for your thesis statements.
  • It should be one single sentence rather than 2-3 lines individual paragraphs.
  • It must be added as the last line in the introductory paragraph of your paper.

How to write a thesis statement for the essay or paper?

These are some tips you can use while writing a thesis statement for your topic.

  1. Choose your focus on the topic: The focus of a topic should be clear, concise and should explain your main focus for argument.

Example: consider the topic “excessive alcoholism” then focus should be on its adverse effects on a human body.

  1. Sort your arguments: After finding the focus on your topic sort what type of arguments you can draw in the paper. For sorting the arguments go back and read your gathered evidence again. After this, a clear picture will be drawn for your arguments and conclusion.

Example: If your topic is “Child’s mind development” then the arguments can ‘reading’ as it develops a child mind by increasing ‘vocabulary and comprehension skills.’

  1. Pick the type of thesis statement: As the thesis can be presented in two formats, first, ask a question and give reasons for that. Second, present the main idea summary in one single sentence.

Example 1: How can high-level alcohol consumption affect you? What are its adverse effects on the physical, mental and emotional level?

Example 2: Excessive alcohol consumption affects a human body by ruining your personal health like weight gain, heart diseases, and liver failures.

In this way, you can present and create a perfect thesis statement by following above tips. In short, a good thesis statement always helps in developing a ‘to the point’ and concise way for your arguments. Further, thesis statement tells the main idea in the beginning and peaks the interest of your paper to the instructor.

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