How can you write an outstanding Compare Contrast Essay?

How can you write an outstanding Compare Contrast Essay?

Are you having any problem with English Composition? If yes, then in this section today, I will be covering a very primary type of essay. Generally, there are several types of essay assignments allotted to you. However, in English composition “Compare and Contrast Essay” is asked very frequently. However, you should not be troubled with such a small problem, as I will give you some tips for writing an outstanding Compare/Contrast Essay. It will definitely extend you interest with essay writing completely. If you have forgotten what is a compare contrast essay that let’s revise it first.

Compare and contrast essay is a kind of writing where you compare two topics at the same time. Further, you have to compare their similarities as well as contrast their differences simultaneously. The topic can be objects, people, books, or events.

I know that it is very confusing to form such essay writing. However, by following some simple tips you can definitely try to attempt such complex format. The tips are as follows:

  1. Choose the subject wisely: First, you should decide the subject topic wisely. As we are comparing and contrasting the subject here, choose the topics which are on the same level. For example, if you pick Christianity as one religion than write on Buddhism as another.

  2. Divide the work into two: Now that topic is final divide your work into two sections. The first section will be about comparing so name it as “similarities.”Next, the second section will be on contrasting so name it as “differences.” Hence, try understanding both topics by reading them twice. Afterwards, write the similar and different points in their respective sections.

  3. Organize your paper’s outline: There are two ways through which you can organize paper’s outline here. The first one is to describe the topic 1 after topic 2 while the second is to describe the topic 1 and topic at the same time. The outline will be based on which way you’re comfortable to write an essay on.

  4. Perfect thesis statement: The first three are initial stages of planning an essay; however, the real deal starts from this point. You should have an impressive and effective thesis statement. The thesis statement should be present at the last line of the introductory paragraph. It should tell about what is going to present in your compare and contrast essay within a single line sentence.

  5. Use specific transitions words: The transition words are essential as they build a very effective paper. The link between sentences and paragraphs can improve your readability. Therefore, use specific transitions words for comparison and similarities every time you draw a point.

  6. Organize the Final format: Now that you have completed 1-4 points. Now it is standard time to create your final format for a paper. The final format could be an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a final conclusion of the paper. This five-paragraph essay format is easy to try and you can overcome the dear of writing such confusing essay.

From above discussion, it is clear that you can practice these tips with certain example topics to improve the compare and contrast essay. In short, such essays in English composition can be attempted with above tips easily and effectively.

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