Sample Essay on the topic “Computer Virus"

Sample Essay on the topic “Computer Virus"

We understand your dilemma whether to choose us for a custom-made paper will be taking or not. Therefore, we are providing a sample essay on one of the common topics. This essay sample follows the five-paragraph format and explains the topic completely. Today our sample topic is “Computer Virus” that will follow the above five-paragraph pattern, and the type of essay will be informative here.

Computer Virus

A computer virus is malicious software that loads on a user’s computer and performs ill actions [1]. Further, the virus replicates itself and spreads in a user’s computer without their knowledge or permission. To put it differently, a computer virus is a malicious threat that infects a user’s computer by replicating itself. Not only it halts the main working of the computer, but it also affects the files and programs present in it. Therefore, a virus is spread purposely and ends up destroying a computer’s overall performance.

There are different reasons for which this virus is spread. This mishap occurs in a number of ways and ends up in dissolving the overall performance of computers. The main causes of computer virus are email attachments, infected websites, USB flash drives, downloading of games, new software installments and sharing of data files [2]. Hence, the virus spreads through above ways and infects the performance. These harmful viruses create a number of adverse effects on a computer or laptop.

Now that causes are clear let’s understand the working and effects of virus infection. First, through above ways, the virus enters a computer without users’ knowledge. Next, once the host computer is infected then virus starts replicating itself and attaches themselves to other programs in a host computer. In this manner, the virus starts corrupting the whole system. The main effects of computer virus end up destroying the overall working of a system. Some of the adverse effects are slow performance, erratic behavior of PCs, deletion of files, network traffic, and frequent computer crashes [2].

After covering the causes and effects of viruses, now let’s focus how the protective measures that should be taken for computer viruses are [2]. First and most essential protection is to install an antivirus software program. Second, update operating systems occasionally. Next, check for antivirus programs every period of time. Fourth, you should avoid websites that are not secure. Finally, visit only those websites for downloading that are reliable and worthy. In addition, for email, you can avoid messages from unknown senders and delete spam messages from your inbox. Thus, by following these measures you can avoid the virus next time completely.

To conclude, the computer virus is harmful and is caused by very small ways. The only thing can be done is to eliminate such viruses by involving protective measures mentioned above. Lastly, a computer virus is indeed serious mishap and thus we should protect the performance of our laptops, mobile phones computer systems.

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